Knitmasters is a leader in designing and engineering innovative knitted fabrics.

We love a challenge, we tackle projects other manufacturers avoid! Knitmasters engineers highly technical 2-D and 3-D knitted functional fabrics.  We will work with you to develop unique fabric shapes, structures, patterns, colors and characteristics.  Knitmasters design expertise, U.S. based production capabilities and just-in-time processes will eliminate cut-and-sew operations and costly materials – such as foam and upholstery.

Need to distribute your products internationally?  Knitmasters can help.  Our distribution facilities in North Carolina provide easy access to nearby international air and sea ports, allowing us to ship world wide.

Our knitting capabilities include:

  • Flat fabrics
  • 2-D and 3-D knits in various configurations
  • Single layer knits with sides and top-tube insertion
  • Complete tubular double layer structures
  • Extensive pattern capabilities
  • Composite single and multiple layer fabrics
  • Spacer fabric features on overall or specific locations
  • Selected areas with high performance elastomeric yarns

Innovative Engineered Knitted Products

Knitmasters is a leader in engineering innovative 3D knitted fabrics. Our partner companies help us develop polymers and yarns that have one of a kind characteristics, such as glow in the dark, magnetic, puncture resistant and other features only available from Knitmasters.

Have an impossible project? Let Knitmasters help make your project a reality.

Knitmasters is a supplier to a variety of industries and professions. Our design expertise, in-house sourcing and production capabilities help us meet the unique needs of our customer base. Our short run production capabilities and ability to provide unique yarns, and colors set us apart from the rest of the commercial knitting industry.