Knitmasters Knitted Wearables

Knitmasters is taking the lead in engineered 3D knitted wearables. From slippers, boots, puncture resistant gloves, sports shoes that glow in the dark, we can help you with your knitted wearable needs. Our design team has the expertise to create your special knitted wearable whether it be for work wear, casual wear or a special need, let us help. Our proprietary flatbed and circular knitting capabilities provide a multitude of solutions that minimize – or eliminate expensive and time-consuming cut and sew operations.  We also have puncture resistant technologies and other capabilities to help meet workplace safety needs.

Colorful Knitted Boots

Unique Knitted Shoes

Glow in the Dark Shoes

Comfortable Knitted Slippers

Innovative Glow in the Dark Knitted Shoes

Knitmasters is a leader in engineering innovative 3D knitted yarns. Our partner companies help us develop yarns and fabrics that have one of a kind characteristics, such as glow in the dark properties.  We have engineered these unique properties into knitted shoes available only from Knitmasters.

Knitmaster excels in engineering specialty products with our proprietary flatbed and circular knitting machines.