Yarns and Fabrics

We work smart to source and create the optimum yarns that meet the specific needs of our customers and their unique projects. Whether the need calls for waterproof fabrics, protection from cuts, or yarns with metallic properties if it is available we will develop and create it.

We work with our partner company Triad Polymers to source many of our unique high-performance additives, so if we can’t find it, chances are high we can work with Triad Polymers to create and produce a custom additive. Our in-house capabilities allow us to develop yarns in a virtual rainbow of colors and in shorter runs, giving our customers the flexibility they need.

Innovative Glow in the Dark Knitted Shoes

Knitmasters is a leader in engineering innovative 3D knitted yarns. Our partner company Triad Polymers help us develop yarns and fabrics that have one of a kind characteristics, such as glow in the dark properties.  We have engineered these unique properties into knitted shoes available only from Knitmasters.

Knitmaster works with Repreve Recycled Yarns

REPREVE is a brand of recycled fiber that is made from recycled materials, including waste plastic bottles. Because it offsets the need to use new resources, such as petroleum, and emits fewer greenhouse gases, REPREVE helps provide a reprieve for the planet. As a leader in transforming recycled bottles into a quality textile fiber, REPREVE is the ingredient that makes your favorite brands sustainable.