Knitting Innovations from Knitmasters

If you are looking for a unique fabric design let Knitmaster’s help. No one in the industry can offer better design, development and production capabilities than Knitmaster’s.   We can work with you to develop unique fabric shapes, structures, patterns, colors and characteristics. Knitmasters, designs, and engineers knitted fabrics in the U.S. that fit specific shapes and functions.

We will work with our affiliated companies to find the unique polymers and yarns you need for your project.  We offer glow in the dark, magnetic yarns, built to spec colors and puncture resistant knitted products. If you have a special need that no one else will consider, call Knitmasters: 1-336-605-9004.

Knitmasters design expertise, production capabilities, and just-in-time processes will eliminate cut-and-sew operations and costly materials such as foam and upholstery.  Knitmasters designs and engineers the best products in our industry, we operate globally and can ship products anywhere in the world.

Our knitting capabilities include:

  • Flat fabrics
  • 2-D and 3-D knits in various configurations
  • Single layer knits with sides and top-tube insertion
  • Complete tubular double layer structures
  • Extensive pattern capabilities
  • Composite single and multiple layer fabrics
  • Spacer fabric features in overall or specific locations
  • Selected areas with high-performance elastomeric yarns and zoned support for specialized performance footwear, seating and to exceed your needs and requirements. 

Fabrics with Magnetic Properties

Knitmasters is a leader in engineering innovative 3D knitted fabrics. We work with our partner companies to develop additives and fabrics that have one of a kind characteristics, including magnetic effects, available only from Knitmasters.

Knitmasters can bring your impossible knitting project to life

Our designers are experienced in developing unique knitted projects from a wide variety of yarns, colors and fibers. Our state of the art flat bed knitting machines will manufacture products to your exacting standards. We provide expert design services, short run capabilities and on time delivery.